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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Let Me Call You Tweet Heart

Yesterday was such a good day! I baked banana bread ~ that means it wasn't too very hot to run the oven for an hour. I also completed a project on my new Singer 404! I knew this little bird wouldn't take long but, wow! I finished it in record time. Well, record time for the Queen of Slow Stitching, anyway!

Once I had the stitching finished, I put iron on interfacing on the back of both pieces. The interfacing will help keep the stuffing from poking through!

I sewed up the seam on my 404 and stuffed the pin pillow with lavender buds and crushed walnut shells. Smells so lovely! I put a rustic blanket stitch in green floss around the edge to soften the blunt look of the two different fabrics.

Oh, how adorable! Some would say, "Too pretty to stick pins in!" but NO! Use it! Love your smalls to pieces, literally. I'd much rather see my work in use, loved, and wearing out than sitting on a shelf, covered in dust. 

Design ~ Tweet Hearts, Exemplar #1
Designer ~ Blackbird Designs
Fabric ~ 32 count Daffycat-dyed  Jobelan
Fiber ~ DMC
Finish ~ Pin Pillow

My 404 sewed very well for me. I am loving this machine. I also really like having the bed level with the cabinet, as nothing hangs over the edge of the machine. I must be off find another project!

Thank you for visiting my blog today!


LaNelle said...

So pretty...you make it sound so easy😊..have fun finding another project...

gracie said...

Very nice.

Uglemor said...

Pretty. And I totally agree use your pretties :)
What's the use of walnut husks?

Karyn said...

So pretty ♥️ You are amazing

Robin in Virginia said...

What a sweet heart finish! Love it! I am glad you are using your 404 and not letting it collect dust as a collector's item. Enjoy your weekend!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Sharon,
I am Back! :)
Sorry I have been absent from your blog but life gets in the way sometimes.
I love that heart that you made. It is lovely!
When you get a chance please visit my blog again. I have missed my followers. :(


marly said...

I love those designs and the heart's shape. I have them! I don't know where, but I am now on a hunt.

Julie said...

Pretty and useful little heart finish

Khristine Doiron said...

What a sweet finish! And I agree, use it!

Raven said...

Sharon, that's stinking adorable! I agree with you about using what you make.

Brigitte said...

Ohhhh, such a lovely finish.

Desiree Ehleiter said...

That is a lovely finish! Glad you are enjoying your new machine so much!

Jackie said...

I have a pincushion you sent me years and years ago right next to my sewing machine! Used it today for a needle I used to sew up some stuffed toys for the pup. It always brings me great joy to use it. Thank you again!

Bekca said...

I love that phrase, love your smalls to pieces! I'm back after a long blogging break, I look forward to catching up with your posts :)